Binance Coin (BNB) has released its latest weekly report, highlighting the major developments and updates in its ecosystem. The report showed that the average daily transactions for the last week were 2.62 million, with a weekly average of 2.48 million users and 761k daily average users.

In addition to the network statistics, the report mentioned the launch of Joespegs NFT marketplace on Binance, which is a positive development for the growth of BNB’s NFT ecosystem. The NFT space for BNB did witness growth in the last seven days, with an increase in total NFT trade counts and NFT trade volume in USD, according to Santiment’s chart.

BNB’s performance on the metrics front remained favorable to investors. The coin’s MVRV Ratio registered an uptick, indicating a bullish trend. The positive sentiments around BNB have been reflected in the recent increase in investor faith in the coin. The funding rates for BNB spiked last week, showing demand in the futures market, even though its velocity remained low.

In conclusion, Binance Coin continues to make progress in its ecosystem, with positive developments in its NFT space, metrics performance, and investor sentiment. The recent spike in funding rates is a clear indication of the demand for BNB in the futures market. Whether you are an experienced investor or a new player, you can use the BNB Profit Calculator to check the status of your portfolio and make informed decisions.

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